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July 12, 2007

Hair loss is a naturally occurring event in the lives of most men. They stand idly by as their hairlines move further and further back from their scalps, threatening to join the bald spot that has begun to form at the crown. In many cases, people will link the process to genetics and decide that there is nothing to be done. However, that’s far from the truth!

Are you ready for a hair restoration product that’s safe and effective? That will slow down the process of male pattern baldness, allow hair to stay on your head longer, and generate new hair growth? This product, Provillus, is not made from harmful chemicals and inconsistent formulas like the majority of treatments on the market. Instead, Provillus is produced from a variety of natural substances that are essential for a healthy scalp and hair growth.

Using a natural hair restoration product eliminates all the potential side effects that come with chemically derived treatments, including sexual side effects. It also ensures that your hair, scalp, and overall health will not be adversely affected. Provillus been rated as the number one hair prevention pill on the market, achieving dramatic effects with ingredients that have been utilized by people all over the world for centuries.

Because we’re so sure that Provillus is effective, we offer a money-back guarantee. This amazing pill has been so successful for those who have used it that we’re more than happy refund your money if you aren’t satisfied with your results. Plus, if you order now, we will also give you two free bottles to help get you started, and you can try them for up to six months before deciding to return them. Why put up with thinning hair and a receding hairline? Try Provillus today to restore your hair to full health!


Alopecia Areata – Causes And Treatment

July 12, 2007

Alopecia Areata is the erratic hair loss disorder that affects around 2 % population of this world. Researchers are constantly working on the possible alopecia areata causes, diagnosis and treatment. Alopecia areata treatment has undergone a huge transition in the span of last 10 years. Several studies have been made on the disease resulting into the outcome of various facts. And the process is on in full swing.

What is Alopecia areata?

Alopecia areata causes hair loss from areas of the body, usually the scalp. It causes bald spots on the head especially in the first stage. And thus it has the nickname “spot baldness”. In 1-2 % of cases the condition is found to be spreading to the entire scalp or epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin).

Alopecia areata affects only the growing hairs. Resting follicles escape the destruction. Therefore truncating the growth phase of hairs avoids the complete destruction of hair follicles. Often the alopecia areata causes the hair follicles to enter into a telogen resting state to avoid the worst effects of the disease. And this triggers significant shedding. The hair follicles usually stay in this resting state for prologner periods of time. If the hair follicles try to return to an anagen growth state the immune system retargets the hair follicles and forces them back into a resting state. The treatment of alopecia areata is partly based on this knowledge. The objective is to reduce the action of the immune cells on the hair follicles and also to promote the resting hair follicles back into new growth activity.

The various types of alopecia areata

Alopecia areata can be divided into the following types –

• Alopecia areata monolocularis – It causes baldness in only one spot in any part of the head.
• Alopecia areata multilocularis – It reults into multiple area of hair loss.
• Alopecia areata totalis – In this case the alopecia areata causes the loss of all the hair on the scalp.
• Alopecia areata universalis – Its symptom is the loss of all body hair including public hair. The condition is called Alopecia areata barbae if it is limited only to the beard.
• Diffuse alopecia areata – It happens when a psychological trauma causes a person to lose all his dark hairs. And leave him only with mixed grey and dark hairs.

Alopecia areata causes

Alopecia areata treatment and diagnosis indicates that the disease contains autoimmunity, ie. failure to recognize its own constituent parts. It erroneously treats its hair follicles as foreign tissue. And results into suppression and stopping of hair growth.

Alopecia areata is not contagious. But it might be hereditary. It is because there have been few cases of babies being born with congenital (in born) alopecia areata.

The stress factor is still under study.

The available alopecia areata treatment options

The alopecia areata cure options can be divided into four different categories of widely accepted therapeutic modalities: –

• Immune inhibitors such as steroids or Psoralen and UV-A light (PUVA)
• Topical sensitizers such as squaric acid dibutylester (SADBE) and diphenylcyclopropenone (DPCP)
• Non-specific irritants (Anthralin)
• Vasodilators such as Minoxidil hair treatment

An important thing is to be noted about the treatment goals of all these modules. They are directed at hair re-growth cosmetically acceptable to the patients. These treatments do not prevent hair loss.

The most widely available treatment options

The most widely available alopecia areata treatment options include the following –

o Topical corticosteroids
o Locally injected corticosteroids or a combination therapy using minoxidil
o Anthralin

Factors like the duration and extent of the disease are considered while deciding the most appropriate treatment approach to take.

Corticosteroid creams or local injections are usually enough to treat small alopecia areata spots.

More extensive alopecia areata may require treatment with anthralin or other contact sensitizing agents. As of now, most dermatologists use a combination of corticosteroids or anthralin along with minoxidil.

By: Mike Jonsan

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Herbal Procerin And Provillus: Hair Care Without Side Effect

July 12, 2007

There are numerous methods for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The branch of medicinal science which is used now a days is known as allopathy. This method is popular because it gives fast results. But the prime problem is that, the medicines which are used in this method are most likely to cause side effects. This is the reason why millions of people are reverting or have already reverted to natural and herbal ways of treatment. This tendency is more prevalent in the developed nations of the world; particularly in the UK and the US.

The problem of hair loss is very common in our times. Numerous medications are available for curing hair loss diseases. But every non herbal hair loss remedy can cause side effects. The side effects of these hair loss remedies are more harmful than the hair loss disease itself. Who wants to from abstain from sex for hair growth? But most of the hair care medication compels you to do so otherwise there can be some serious harm to your body. Other than sex related problem these hair care medications are likely to cause headache, harm to eyes, harm to skin and acute nausea. Therefore the treatment of baldness and hair loss diseases should be done with herbal hair care medication Provillus and Procerin.

Procerin is made up of all herbal ingredients. This medication is a highly effectual cure of male pattern baldness. Nesstle root is a vital ingredient of Procerin. This herb ingredient of Procerin blocks the formation of DHT. Synthesis of DHT from testosterone is the prime cause of baldness in men and Procerin blocks it. Saw Palmetto, Magnesium, Gotu kola, Pumpkin seed, Siberian Ginseng, Muria Puma roots, Yohimbe, zinc sulfate, vitamin B-6, and Pyroxidine are the prime ingredients of Procerin. These ingredients open up clogged hair follicle by dissolving DHT and stimulate hair growth in these newly opened hair follicles. Procerin does not give any side effect but the effect of Procerin on male pattern baldness goes on steadily. You can see visible results of Procerin just in 90 to 120days of regular use.

Provillus is the name of another herbal hair care medication. Provillus is effective in both male pattern baldness as well as in female pattern baldness. Some of its major ingredients are vitamin B-6, Biotin, Zinc, Saw Palmeto, Nettle leaf, Gotu Kola, Pumpkin seed, Eleuthero root, Uva-Ursi, Muria Puama, Gelatin, and rice flour. Provillus too is free of any side effect and has high efficacy. Its success rate is around 90 percent. In almost in all types of baldness Provillus gives results without any side effect.

Buy Procerin through an online order and get it at a cheaper rate. Provillus also can be purchased through an online order. Get these medications according to your requirement and regain hair on head without any side effect.

By: Alan Anderson

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Hair Loss Treatments Overview

July 12, 2007

There are a number of hair loss treatments around that have been found to be effective. Men are fortunate in that they have a slightly wider range of options than women for hair loss.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments

* Revivogen

Revivogen is a natural hair loss treatment that is applied topically. It works by decreasing the levels of DHT in the scalp. DHT is a metabolite of testosterone that is associated with hair loss when it is in excess in the affected areas.

Like propecia and rogaine, revivogen needs to be used for the rest of your life, essentially. But it does have an advantage in that revivogen will not need to be applied as often in the maintenance phases as it was when the problem of hair loss was being addressed initially. Generally, it takes about one year before this can be done.

Revivogen is initially applied at least once a day. It’s probably best to use it at night as you can’t wash the hair for at least 3 hours after application.

Revivogen is effective for both men and women. It will encourage hair growth, and help stop further loss. It will also encourage the growth of new hair. However, in cases of hair loss when the hair follicles are destroyed, revovigen will not work. You’ll know if this applies as the scalp looks bare and shiny in these areas.

Approved, Conventional Hair Loss Treatments

* Propecia

Propecia is an FDA approved hair loss treatment for men. It works similar to Revivogen in that it reduces the levels of DHT in the scalp. Unlike revivogen, however, propecia is a pill that is available only by prescription. The fact that it is a pill makes it a lot more convenient, although some people prefer more natural approaches.

Generally, it takes about 3 months to a year to see results, although not all hair lost will necessarily grow back. Like all hair loss treatments that have been shown to be effective, propecia needs to be taken for as long as you want a full head of hair. Because the body is constantly producing DHT, any treatments that address DHT need to be taken indefinitely. Scientists at this stage do not know how to cure the fundamental causes of hair loss, they only know how to manage the condition.

* Rogaine

Rogaine started out its life as a blood pressure medication. Thus, if you have low blood pressure, you may want to check in with your doctor first to see whether rogaine is safe to use, as it was originally used to lower blood pressure.

Like revivogen, rogaine is a topical hair loss treatment. It is available without prescription, and dilates the blood vessels, meaning more blood (carrying nutrients and oxygen) can flow to the scalp. It is most effective in treating hair loss that occurs at the top of the head, in both men and women. It comes in a lotion or spray, and should be applied to the head twice a day.

Some people suffer scalp irritation and allergic reactions to rogaine. It can also react with other medications, so check with your doctor first if you are taking any.

By: Rebecca Prescott

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The Variety In Hair Loss Treatment Today

July 12, 2007

Of course, it is never easy to face the specter of hair loss, but with these times in which we live it is easier to treat these problems.

Today it is detrimental to solve these problems now while there is still time to act on it. With the topic of hair loss, there are many ways to treat this particular ailment, and if this is a problem you are suffering from there is hope. The essence of this article is to make you a more aware consumer before you spend money on any particular hair loss treatment.

Sometimes with all the advertisements out there, you can become easily confused or frustrated over the state of your own hair loss, and it can take time to remove the commercial blinders so common to our society today. There is a way to get through all the hype, and find that which will treat your condition the best means possible, and with the most sufficient results to prevent any further hair loss. With all the viable procedures created and administered by professional physicians.

With issue of your hair loss, some definite research and forethought needs to go into your idea of treatment, and always consult your doctor a bit before using or participating in any one of the particular procedures listed.

Some of the more popular treatments are the chemical treatments like: Propecia, Rogaine, Avodart, and Nizoral. Other alternatives to these particular products are surgical hair replacement, or transplanting as it is sometimes called, and alternate non-surgical methods.

It can be rather time-consuming wading through these many treatments to find the answer, but with the advice and information listed here, you may just be the most acute shopper that you can be with matters of this kind. A doctor prescribes all of the chemical procedures, and the FDA has approved these two for use, Rogaine and Propecia. Rogaine is a topical lotion that stimulates hair growth, and Propecia is an oral pill taken to block an enzyme linked with pattern baldness in males.

The other drugs, Avodart and Nizoral, have been proven effective, but have not necessarily been FDA-approved. As for the surgical procedures to treat hair loss, consult your personal physician, and get their effective personal diagnosis. They can more than likely recommend, and better inform you about, the many different options available to you to stop hair loss. Though some of the surgical methods are particular ideas such as “flaps” of hair, tissue-expansion, and scalp reduction.

After consulting a medical professional, it may be a good idea to visit the websites of many of these treatments, and research all your options through many different means to get a more informed position on this issue. That there are steps taken to be assured that you find the best option for yourself is the best way to handle this particular topic, and the more informed you become, the more comfortable you will be with the choice you decide upon. You, too, can treat and prevent hair loss.

By: Cordell Varney

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July 10, 2007

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